Can I Really Tell Teachers & Parents Anything New About How to Educate Kids?

As a mom who works with teachers (and loves to educate), my passion has become to educate kids. I have been exposed to early childhood, elementary, middle and high school - private, homeschooling, undergrad and post grad education. Yet to me, the education of children is one of the greatest tools to be placed in the hands of mankind.

On the other hand, weaving my way through the spider's web of my kids (and my own) schooling has always been a challenge to me! The good thing is that you can benefit from my experience by making use of the resources that I have gathered over the years.

You'll see below a sample of these resources grouped in a way that makes sense to you as a parent, teacher or student.

So here goes......

• What to look for in a daycare

• How to make an impact on your local elementary school

• Is home schooling the right choice for me?

• The gap between middle and high school

• High school - a whole new world for your teen

• Lesson plans and curriculum by subject

• Online Education - is it for me?

10 Great Warm up Activities For The Classroom
10 Great Warm Up Activities for the Classroom
Interviews With Educational Professionals
Several Interviews Relating to Educating Kids
Reading: Need Help Getting Your Child or Student Interested?
Reading Strategies For All Ages
Daycare, Day care or Childcare Information
Daycare: A Guide to Parents That Are Looking
Daycare - A Guide To Finding The Right One
5 Steps to Finding the Right Daycare
Find Your State Licensing Body
Licensing Body for Your State
Learning Styles - How Is Your Child Smart
Learning Styles - How Does Your Child Learn Most Effectively?
Learning Disabilities: A Basic Outline of The Types
An Basic Outline of The Types of Learning Disabilities
Homeschooling - Is It Right For You?
Homeschooling 101 - a guide to the basics of homeschooling written by a mother of two who is also a teacher
A Teacher Resource for : Lesson Plans, Advice and Classroom Fun
Teacher Help: Your One Stop Shop For Fun Ideas in the Classroom
Teaching Tips From The Experts
Teaching Tips
Special Education - What is It?
A guide to how special education works in the school system
The Teenage Brain
Learn About the Teenage Brain
Parenting For Parents: A Resource to Help Educate Our Kids
Parenting: Let's Talk One On One
My Ten Commandments of Parenting
My Ten Commandments of Parenting
Book Reviews
Book Reviews For You to Get A Taster of These Amazing Books
Excuses: Parent Humor
No Parent Left Behind - Excuses
Dyslexia and Education
Dyslexia and Education
ADHD and How It May Affect Your Child's Education
ADHD and How It May Affect Your Child's Education
Autism And Education
Autism And Education
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Living With Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy - How One Amazing Lady Describes Living With It
Arizona Daycare Licensing
Arizona Daycare Licensing Information
Arkansas Daycare Licensing
Arkansas Daycare Licensing Information
California Daycare Licensing
California Daycare Licensing Information
Colorado Daycare Licensing
Colorado Daycare Licensing Information
Alabama Daycare Licensing
Alabama Daycare Licensing Information
Vermont Childcare Licensing
Vermont Childcare Licensing Information
Wisconsin Childcare Licensing
Wisconsin Childcare Licensing Information
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