Dear Teacher: You are Building A Nation

First, I want to thank you for being a teacher! It's a challenging and sometimes thankless task (at least in the short term), it eats into your leisure time, can be very stressful and many times, not all of your students will "get it". But as most of us know, that this is not just a noble profession - it's a calling!

So why would you want to do this? Because you can! As the saying goes, "those who can, teach". So below I have listed five reasons why people are a part of this profession - kind of a reminder of why we do what we do...

Every Student Has Potential:

Some certainly don't look like they have any potential (you know the child), but deep down, we know that it is there. They may not all be as successful as we would hope, but we know that they have it in them. Just think - the occasional passionate contribution to class discussions, the glint in their eyes or even a small comment about what they want to be when they grow up. Sometimes we might even be privileged to witness some of this success! This is certainly reason number one!

Building The Future:

Quirky as this may sound, we know the effort that we make today with our students today is likely to be remembered for many years to come. In fact, it is a well known fact that when we combine the daily schedule with after school programs, many educators spend more time with students than do their parents. We are molding lives on a daily basis - lives that we hope have a bright future.

Keeps You Young:

I know a retired educator who swears by this! Well into her sixties, she still looks beautiful and takes excellent care of herself. When you ask her what keeps her young, without skipping a beat she will say "teaching and staying in touch with students". Think about it! What are the chances that you would know what you know about trends, fashion,and music is you weren't in the school environment and being faced with it every day? Whether they know it or not, they keep us young!

A Reason To Smile:

Sometimes an out of place answer or a lovers tiff between teenagers will always bring a smile to your face.I remember asking the question: Does anyone know what a catalyst is? Answer: Someone who rears cattle. Yes, they bring smiles to our faces - even without trying.

Christmas And Summers Off:

This is my personal favorite. Although most of us use these times to catch up or even get ahead with lesson plans, the truth is that this is an exceptional benefit that most jobs don't provide. I use it as family time - time well spent with my two beautiful daughters.

Just a few reminders of why we do what we do. Teaching is often fun and when we do our best we will create a lifetime of memories that will have students saying that indeed "school days are the best"!

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