Interviews With Educational Professionals Et Al

I have taken the time to arrange interviews with some of the best professionals (and others) that relate to our industry. They love what they do and do it well and their insights and comments are so valuable that I have read them over and over again. I hope you benefit from them as much as I have.

Dianne Keith Flynn

Diane and her husband, Cliff, decided to homeschool their two sons in the "homeschool dark ages" - it was 1992. There was a definitive void of information. She sought out the few pioneers in what would become the "modern homeschool movement" and, as she acquired resources and information, she began publishing "Homefires - The Journal of Homeschooling," a well established publication that networked with other homeschoolers and provided support to homeschool parents in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fast forward several years - Diane has now authored several books and is an expert who speaks nationwide on homeschooling and related topics. To read this very informative interview - click here!

Vanessa Barksdale

Vanessa Barksdale is a wife and mother to two sons - Eric, 19 and Andrew, 15. She was a banker with a promising career before Eric suffered oxygen deprivation at birth and it resulted in severe brain damage and Cerebral Palsy. She became his nurse, carer and number one advocate. She is a warrior for her son! Vanessa speaks candidly about her family, her life and the medical community. A very interesting view coupled with great advice for parents in a similar situation. For the full interview, click here!

Bonnie Crowe

Bonnie Crowe is the President of her own company - Day Care Consultant Services, Inc. They are renowned for doing extensive and current research for all courses taught.

Bonnie attended Kent State University, and graduated from Point Park College with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been privileged to take a class taught by Maria Montessori’s granddaughter and later attended Mercer University where she received her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Bonnie is willing to go to any center in any part of the state of Georgia (with a predetermined minimum amount of staff). Many schools, over the past 19 years, will book their training as far as two years ahead of time.

For my informative interview with Bonnie - click here!


Eunice is a Special Education educator who teaches seventh and eighth grade Mathematics. Eunice is also married and has three sons. She graduated from the University of Georgia and has a passion for helping children understand Math concepts in a fun and interesting way.

For an insight into the mind of a Special Education Teacher - click here!

Ms E. Freeman

Ms Freeman is the Head of Special Education at a Georgia high school. She has been in this field for almost thirty years - starting out in the classroom as a teacher and working her way up to head of her department in her school.

What thrills Ms Freeman the most is when she can help a child obtain the resources necessary to make the accommodations and modifications that are required for them to function as effectively as possible in the classroom setting.

She also enjoys working with parents, while helping them understand the special education process

For the full conversation with Ms Freeman about her experience in the area of special education - click here!

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