Interview With Bonnie Crowe: The Number One Childcare Consultant & Trainer in GA

1. Bonnie, as an introduction to some of my readers - tell us how you became interested in training in the childcare industry?

Bonnie Crowe: I was born and raised in a small steel mill town of Aliquippa, Pa. It was rich in ethnicity and values that have carried me through all of my personal and professional life experiences. My parents’ core values are ones that are with me today, and I hope I have successfully passed them onto my children and they will pass them onto their children. They passed on many life lessons, and I do my best to live them daily. I am a wife, mom, and Nan to two beautiful grandchildren. I have a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and also a Masters in Early Childhood Education. My professional experience is a variety of teaching experiences, both with young children and teachers

2. How did you get started?

Bonnie Crowe: While teaching at Dekalb Community College, Tech School, my students, who consisted of owners, directors, and teachers, talked me into forming my own company and coming to their schools for classes. Before even considering this, I went back to school to gain my Masters in Early Childhood Education. I wrote course outlines for the State of Georgia, long before they were even required in order to make sure my onsite trainings were approved. Again, I refer to the lessons learned from my parents. I wanted to do this with honesty and wanted approval before stepping out into the industry. I think I might have been the first person to do on-site approved training.

3. What is the hallmark of your success?

Bonnie Crowe: Success for me is measured by the people who still call me and invite me to their schools for training. Success for me is being asked to do a Keynote speech at a conference. Success for me is being known for my continuous honesty and my ability to stay in my truth. Success for me is being responsible for what I teach and for what I write. Success for me is standing up for someone who has been wronged. My success is measured by the teachers I have helped.

4. Everyone who has been to one of your classes says that they leave a very different person. What is your main goal as you teach?

Bonnie Crowe: My goal is to find that sweet spot that everyone has in their soul, but needs help in finding the location. Connection is the key. We live in a world today that is too fast, too false, too embedded with liars and thieves. When teachers come to my classes, the class is really all about them, NOT ME!!!

5. You've been in training daycare providers for over thirty years? Why do some daycares succeed while others fail?

Bonnie Crowe: Centers fail for many reasons. The first is that they bought into someone else’s dream and found out that it was too expensive and based on lies. They were given a different blueprint of success. This has been devastating for some that are currently in this situation. The centers that succeed have ongoing training for their teachers, developmentally appropriate equipment for the children, insist on cleanliness, and make sure that the teachers, the children, and the parents’ needs are being met. No one can operate a business and NOT be there. The most successful private centers are the ones where the owners are hands- on EVERDAY!! The most successful centers are the ones where EVERYONE from owners, directors, staff, children, and parents are having fun and are involved. Involving parents is critical in child care settings

6. What should a parent look for in a daycare?

7. You have been doing this for a very long time - what advice would you give to entrepreneurs when they are looking for training for their staff?

Bonnie Crowe: Ask for references. Don’t just go for the price. Price means nothing when a child has a serious accident. Training should be the cornerstone for a safe and healthy environment. Cutting corners means, in my opinion, possible litigious action when children are harmed.

8. Where do you see yourself and your company going from here?

Bonnie Crowe: My company takes me along life’s journey, as opposed to me taking the company on a journey. I am now offering a CDA Council Accepted and BFTS approved Online CDA course of study, as well as an online renewal course of study that is available in English and in Spanish. I continue to write and update my instructor led courses on a regular basis so that I can stay current in subject matter. I am also offering instructor led courses in S. East Georgia during certain months of the year. I refuse to solicit schools for training, and thankfully have never had to do this. I am usually booked 9-12 months in advance. I have a children’s book that will be in print soon and is dedicated to our grandchildren and can also be a keepsake for parents and grandparents.

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