Teenage Brain: Decoding The Text Generation

Does the teenage brain leave you confused? Ever wondered why your teenager behaves like they are from another planet? Have they become totally unrecognizeable in your eyes? Do you think that there has been a short circuit between their body and their brain?

Puberty: The Re-Wiring Of The Brain

The level of growth that is seen in the teenage brain is only similar to that which is seen in the brain of an infant. This growth explosion is like a "full service" with new spark plugs, oil change and re-wiring of the electricals. It is a work in progress - and they act like it!

Millions of brain cells are “used or lost” and those that are used continue to grow in what is called the pruning process. The grey matter of the brain also begins to increase leading to a greater level of maturity, earlier for girls and much, much later for boys.

High Risk Thinking

Due to various chemicals (dopamine and melatonin) that are being emitted in the growing brain of the teenager, they simply cannot seem to comprehend the level of risk that they tend to thrive on at this age.

They may want to do things that you and I will never comprehend, so keep an eye out and help them to better assess the risks that they take.

Parents beware - and be there as a guiding force!

One Way Thinking

One of the hallmarks of your teen is that they feel as though there only way to a situation being resolved. This short sightedness often leads to the distasteful habit of lying - many times this is totally unnecessary!

In Short

Here are a few pointers to remember when dealing with your teens;

Be Succinct

Due to the vast changes that are going on in the brain (remember it is a work in progress), teenagers cannot seem to process large amounts of information at one time. So to communicate effectively with them, keep it short and simple

Be Understanding - not Judgmental

Before you respond to their thoughtless behaviour, cast your mind back to the things you did - and more so the things you got away with! If you are still a responsible adult with a decent life, you can believe that they will be one too.

Be a Mentor to Them and Model Good Behavior

I know the saying goes "do as I say, don't do as I do", but at this time in their lives, it is important that your word has integrity. They will learn by seeing, then doing, afterall, they don't hear most of what you say anyway!!

Sometimes Just Let Them Sleep

There is a lot of growth going on at this time, and just like with babies, the body compensates with an increased amount of sleep. Believe me, they are not just being lazy, they need the extra sleep.


Say it as often as they need to hear it..

Last Nugget!!

Grey matter is gradually growing in the brain of your teen. This will eventually lead to maturity and logical reasoning - so take heart parents! You (and your teen) will look back on this and smile. In the mean time, you might often want to say to them “What were you thinking?”

Research shows, they simply weren’t....... Teenage Brain: Parenting Styles

Teenage Brain: Parenting Tips