What to Look for in a Daycare? Maybe We Should Discuss This Over Lunch.....

Looking for a daycare is, in short looking for someone to look after your most prized possession - your child. It requires time, care and a lot of attention - believe me, I have two beautiful girls and when the time came for me to look for a pre-school for Mimi, I was the one sobbing uncontrollably while my daughter tried to console me!

I had managed a Montessori Pre-school in a previous life, so I later decided on investing in a day care. I ran it for three years before selling it, and it gave me an amazing amount of insight which I will be sharing with you.

No one can take care of your child the way you do, so finding the perfect childcare facility will be challenging, but find it you will, and I will give you some pointers to help you make the right choice.

Together we will think about what works for both you and your child. How your child learns and what makes him smart? What kind of pre-school setting will make sense for her kind of personality? And how you can help him settle in the very early stages of pre-school.

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5 Steps to Help You Find the Right Daycare For Your Child

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