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So how did I get into creating online courses? Well, just over ten years (or so) ago, I had graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration, yet was jobless. Broke, busted and totally disgusted, I was offered a part time position by my sister-in-law who had just started her own Montessori Pre-School, and so my days in the childcare industry began.

I would work three days a week as her Administrator, writing up policies, organizing staff, dealing with the state, handling parent queries, covering classrooms, taking in tuition - and the list goes on. I must have done a good job, because when she decided to move away, she pretty much asked me to name my price to become her manager!

My love for "making education happen" has grown and grown over the years. Today, every time I can be a part of creating an 'aha moment'for a student of any age (directly or indirectly), I get a high that makes my day. "Making education happen"can involve teaching students of all ages in a classroom setting, managing a Montessori pre-school, being a Director of Business Administration in an educational setting, and in this case, creating courses that help directors, pre-school workers and teachers operate effectively in their chosen environment.

Each of the online courses were created out of genuine needs that I have seen going unmet time and time again within the educational environment. Unlike many of the courses that are out there today, these are not simply theory. Indeed they do have a strong theoretical basis, but each course has a strong practical aspect to it that will leave you feeling like you have acquired new knowlege and skills.

Plus, you can sign up for the training when you need it, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Think about it! No more expensive conference fees, babysitting hassles or traffic jams. Just high quality, state certified, online child care training for your convenience and at your own pace. Welcome to the training room!

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